When we got married in 2012 our friends found the perfect wedding gift for us: a visit to a place that inspired our entire understanding of food and cooking – River Cottage. When we first visited Cornwall in 2011 we started watching one of Hugh’s cookery shows and were hooked. We decided that we had to find a better way to eat. Coming back to Germany we bought a garden and have been growing and picking our own fruits and vegetables ever since. Needless to say for us River Cottage HQ was a place we always wanted to see. 

Spending yet another holiday in Cornwall in 2013 we chose to attend the „wild food cookery course at River Cottage HQ“ with Tim Maddams. We had the best day ever – well except for our wedding day which sort of got us a little more exited.

Welcome to River Cottage HQ!

It all started with a tractor ride down the hill…

…our cookery school

pick your own herbs – watercress

first course: pigeon brests with handpicked blackberries and wild sorrel

RCHQ14🙂 sit down, relax and enjoy your meal 🙂



Second cours: wild rabbit with mushrooms and a quick homemade pasta

Hugh’s car from the television shows

RCHQ15third course: herb stuffed mackerel with marsh samphire and sea purslane

it was delicious! well done everyone!

time to have a little look around in the house and garden

Does this look familiar to any of you?

And come back asap 😉

To sum it up: life doesn’t get much better than that. Not only did we eat delicious food we also learned loads about wild food and skills that come in handy anytime. With Tim we had great teacher and got to meet amazing people who love food as much as we do. On top of that there is something really quite rewarding about being able to skin a rabbit, pluck a pigeon, or debone a mackerel. Having completed the day we were so proud of ourselves! We will never forget our perfect day at River Cottage.

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